Login to the PPP Platform

The Paycheck Protection Platform can be accessed at forgiveness.sba.gov. This is the same Platform that supports the Forgiveness decisioning process.

Using MS Edge or Google Chrome browsers is recommended for an optimal experience.

Prior to using the Paycheck Protection Program Platform, Organization Admins will need to create additional Platform users and grant four levels of access with the following permissions:

Setting up an account:

  1. All Platform users will encounter two-factor authentication upon login. Users may choose between scanning a QR code or receiving a text message to generate a unique token.
  2. Admins will need to set institution settings at the financial institution level by clicking on “Institution Settings” in the left-hand menu and then verifying that their Lender Location is enabled for PPP Origination on Etran. Once their location is verified, the “Lender Location Enabled for Origination in Etran” box will appear checked.
  3. The Admin will then enter institution payment details, including:
    The routing number, account number, account type, and tax identification number.
  4. The admin then enters a distribution list email. Members of the distribution list will receive email notifications whenever Institution Settings are changed.
  5. The Admin selects the interest calculation method to be paid on net forgiveness amount (Actual/360, Actual/365, 30/360) and designates whether the institution uses simple or compound interest.
  6. The Admin enters Primary Contact Information for the member of their institution who should be contacted by the SBA if required for loan reviews or payment processing.
  7. The Admin adds users by clicking the “Users” icon in the upper right corner of the screen and navigating to “Create User.”
  8. They will be directed to enter the new user’s name, username, email address, and password. They may change their password upon login.
  1. They will also need to designate the User Type.
  2. Organization Admins will need to activate the origination Platform capabilities for each user by clicking “edit” in the far right “actions” column shown above each user in the user management dashboard. They will then be prompted to select a “User can access Origination?” box to activate origination capabilities.

Click here to read the full SBA PowerPoint on using the Paycheck Protection Program Portal.

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