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  1. Brandi1 year ago

    We have 1st Round Loans in “Pending Validation” status for forgiveness that are long past the SBA’s 90 day processing deadline. When will they be worked?

  2. Brandi1 year ago

    The portal has changed during 2nd Round origination input. It went from directing us to enter the number of employees as the number including affiliates and changed to the number of employees used to calculate payroll. Will this cause issues during forgiveness if the employee number used included affiliates?

  3. Brandi1 year ago

    We have a couple of borrowers who do not have email addresses. The Forgiveness portal requires an email address to be entered to submit. How do we proceed?

  4. Brandi1 year ago

    How do we “cancel” a loan that has been approved but not disbursed? We have cases of Schedule C filers who would like to take advantage of the new loan calculation rules.

  5. Anne smith1 year ago

    Do you have any guidance on how to accurately calculate a “seasonal” schedule C borrower. Is a P&L statement for the 12 week period sufficient to determine gross or net income?

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