Adding Pages

The process of adding pages is quite similar to adding posts:

1. Go to Pages > Add New

2. Enter a title and some content.

3. Select a page template or leave the default (more on this just after).

4. Change the settings for the page header.

5. Write a few words excerpt (it is good for search results and SEO to have an excerpt, no matter what kind of content do you have in your page).

6. Hit “Publish” and you’re all done.

Header Options

All pages have this option for a custom header. You have the option to disable it, but you should really use it, in order to give your page a proper heading. It is also very good for SEO, because the title and subtitle are heading elements, so make sure that you make the most of it. The options are pretty intuitive, so please read the descriptions to learn how to use everything..

Page Templates

As you might already noticed, there are a few Page Templates available for you to use. Each template will configure your page to look and act in a different way.

1. Default Template

This is the default template and it outputs exactly the content of the page, without any modifications.

2. Contact

This one has a map available in it. Note that the content (contact form) still needs to be added separately (via shortcodes), but this page template is the starting point for any contact page. The map is configured in the   Map Options and each field is properly detailed, so you shouldn’t have any issues with this.

3. Portfolio

This page displays a certain amount of portfolio projects. The style and contents of each portfolio page can be set when editing the page, using the available options.

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