Adding Projects

The process of adding projects is quite similar to adding posts, though you need to properly fill in all the right side options, as instructed below.

1. Go to Portfolio > Add New

2. Enter a title and some content.

3. Choose a category or more.

4. Set a featured image. Here comes the fun part! The featured image needs to be a really large 16:9 image in order to display sharp on any screen. Our theme has a complex resizing algorithm, so it makes sure that it always displays the right image for the right screen (meaning that you won’t get an 1920px on a mobile phone), but for this, you need to upload a high quality image as a starting point. We are using2440x1361px images in our online preview.

The next option is for the featured image style, which refers to the background (in order for the theme to display the a good text color and the proper logo).

Something option is also the mobile featured image. If you want really sharp images on mobile devices you should really consider working on these as well, because the hero images will be 100% on portrait devices, meaning that a landscape image will look pixelated. So please use this option to upload your 3:4 images (again, upload a really large image, because the theme will do all the proper resizing). We are using1200x2048px images in our online preview.

Finally, don’t forget to compress your images! Use .jpg images and always compress than at around 90% or even less if you’re ok with the quality. It’s better if you upload huge images with large compression than vice versa.

5. Choose a portfolio page. It helps for navigating between projects when you have multiple portfolios. That’s why you should assign a separate portfolio for each one of your portfolio pages that you will created afterwards. If you showcase all of your projects in a single page, just leave this unchecked.

6. Write some content (you can use the Visual Composer – read in the previous section on how to use it).

7. Write a few words excerpt. This very important, because the excerpt shows up in the header of your portfolio project, and it is good for search results and SEO to have an excerpt, no matter what kind of content do you have in your page).

8. Hit “Publish” and you’re all done.

Note: The portfolio items are displayed chronologically so that the last created item will be the first one in the items order. To change the order please edit the dates when the items were created.

Project Button
There is a also a cool feature for portfolio items which allows you to play with the view button. There should be another options panel towards the end, called Project button. Here you can choose a different label for the “View More” button, and even add a custom URL, so that the current project will not open the project page, but jump to a different URL of your choice.

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