Some things are not worth creating shortcodes for, and that’s lists or different typographic elements. For this purpose i have created a few classes to help you achieve better typography in this theme, with simple HTML editing. To do this you need to go to the Classic Editor / HTML view.

Lists are by default not styled, but if you want to add styles to a list, you must add the timo-list class to the ul/ol element. Like this:

<ul class="timo-list">

In the online demo you can also see various taglines and call to action text areas. There are 5 different classes that you can apply to span elements and will make your text look like that. For example:

<span class="extreme">Your really large text in here</span>

These classes are: extreme, large, medium, regular, small.

Last tip, if you’ll add the dropcap class to a span element (which wraps a letter) you’ll get a cool enhanced letter.

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