• Joseph Coleman posted an update 3 years, 9 months ago

    Welcome to SBA1 Answer Desk!

    Let’s go over the logistics.

    First, here are the four ways to get your questions answered.

    Call — 818-790-4591
    Email — joseph@colemanreport.com
    Community Forum — http://sbaoneanswerdesk.com/forums/forum/general/
    Access the Library — http://sbaoneanswerdesk.com/pdf/

    Each of you should be registered to access the website. Please contact Joseph Coleman @ xxxxxx if you need assistance.

    2) As a member of the SBA1 Answer Desk you are invited to attend Coleman’s office hours every Thursday @ 2 pm Eastern. You will receive login information separately.

    3) Please note that your annual subscription runs through December 31, 2018. Basically you received the first three months free.

    4) Finally, attached is the link for the first weekly SBA1 Answer Desk e-newsletter. We will issue a dedicated report each week. This report is dated Monday, October 30th.

    Please reach out to Joseph or I with any questions.

    Thank you!